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  Overview: IC-R5 Programming Software
Current Version 2.3.4

Spend your time using your scanner, not programming it.

The IC-R5 is a professional grade scanner which requires professional grade accessories. The IC-R5 is used by many government agencies and professionals as well as the advanced enthusiast. Therefore, this scanner requires more features to do a bigger job than other scanners. These additional features make it more complicated to program. But WAIT! We can make it easy to program using your PC

It is no longer necessary to struggle setting Tones/Modes/DCTS etc when you can easily select them in the software. No more button pushing, trying to figure out how to find the setting you want. Using this powerful software package makes programing simple.

The Cloning feature allows you to create files for different cities/areas, specialized activities, or special events. You can save several profiles and download them to the scanner in seconds. If you have multiple R5's to program, you can easily download the same data file to all of them.



  Requirements for the Windows Cloning Software

This software has been tested with Microsoft(tm) XP, 2000 Pro, 98, ME.
In addition it may run on other platforms or using virtual PC type software. The cable requires an available 9pin Serial Communications port. If your computer only has USB ports, you can use a USB to Serial converter with this cable(available from your local computer store). A system speed of 300mhz or faster is recommended.

The proprietary Interface Cable plugs into the serial port on one end and into the earphone jack of the IC-R5 on the top of the receiver. The cable contains special components needed to translate between the computer's 9pin serial port and the scanners data port.

  Working with Clone Files

The Main Window of the software displays the frequencies. Use the tabs to move to another screen, to change receiver settings, TV Frequency settings, Bank Names, Scan Edge data. You can also import Icom standard .icf format files for the IC-R5. Recover programmed frequencies after an accidental 'Clear' from the scanner even if they are not backed up to a memory file.
New Features:
Import comma delimited frequency lists
Export full frequency data for excel analysis
Frequency Fill Feature - Fill a range of channels with sequential frequencies. Select a start frequency, a step, the start channel and the number of channels you want
Now supports international comma format(155,000) vs US period(155.000) number format for frequency entry.
Percon compatibility with IC-R2 format and IC-R5 format.
IC-R2 type ICF file Import capability
Import icf files for the IC-R5 created by CS-R5
Blank out frequencies without erasing them
Recover frequencies lost by CLEAR
Re-arrange columns to change the order to your preferences
Supports CT-29a, OPC-478/U cables
Bank Management - Edit or Sort by Banks, search for duplicate channels
Other features...

See our review in the Oct 2003 issue of Monitoring Times Magazine

  IC-R2 Software and Cable also available

We also have software for the IC-R2 (the predecessor to the R5).
Current Version 2.0.4
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