Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy Is Simple

If you cannot get a product to work, you can return it within 10 days of receipt for a refund or replacement.
If you have trouble, all you have to do is email for help.

You may return a product that does not work for you within 10 days of receipt for a refund or exchange for the same item. If you post neutral or negative feedback anywhere or file a complaint without giving BlackbagSoftware an opportunity to resolve the dispute then you give up any claim to return and give up any refunds or tech support.

This seems very simple but amazingly enough some people actually prefer to post neutral or negative remarks instead of attempting to solve any problems or resolve any disputes they may feel they have. They do this without ever asking for a refund or even contacting us by email to say they have a problem(which can usually be easily fixed). There is no reason for anyone to be dissatisfied with any product we offer since they always have the opportunity to return an item if they feel they cannot use it.
There is no need for an RMA number or any other hassels, just pack your purchase up and send it back by first class mail with a note explaining the problem and requesting a refund or replacement with your name/address/email-address included. Of course if you have any problems you should ask for assistance first. Most problems are easily solved by email.

This return policy is not offered by any other software company. If you purchase software from any other company they will not offer a refund for opened or installed software. We, however, have so few returns and so many satisfied customers that we are willing to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any problems with a product you can email for help. Be sure to include any error messages, a full description of the problem and what product you are having problems with. We respond to all emails usually within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response see the FAQ page for possible reasons that your email is not working.

Shipping charges are not refundable. Items returned without instructions or an email contact address cannot be processed since we have no way of knowing what the return is for and no way to contact the customer or look up the order without an email address. Downloadable software requires a software destruction agreement to be filled out(this is online and short) and then a confirmation email that the form has been completed.

Credit card chargebacks made without contacting us or without returning the products purchased will be turned over to a collection agency for re-collection and will include any additional collection fees and processing fees. Please contact us if you have a problem or return the merchandise to avoid this.

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