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Radio Traffic Saver - Better than a VOX Recorder

$29.95 19.95 SALE PRICE

Radio Traffic Saver

Record Scanner and 2-Way radio traffic for instant replay and archiving BUY Full Version or

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This is the tool every Scanner Listener has needed at one time or another. It is also for the 2-Way radio buff, Amateur Operator, Police, Fire, Security and anyone who monitors radio traffic.

What does it do? It records radio traffic, but wait, this is no silly VOX recorder. This software has the features you have always wanted in your scanner. At the click of a button you can listen to the last 15, 30, or 60 seconds of radio traffic with no silence. When you walk in the room and hear 10-33 cancelled and you wonder what just happened, click the button and hear everything that you missed. This software creates an archive of radio traffic so you can review any old traffic.

If you are interested in a specific frequency then take an old scanner(if you are a scanner buff then you have a closet full) and set that scanner to scan only your desired frequency. Connect the speaker-out jack to your computer line-in input and start the software. Everything will be recorded to your computer in the form of an MP3 file. This avoids missed traffic due to other agencies. Now listen to your main scanner but if you miss important local police traffic while your scanner is stopped on a fire frequency, you can re-play the recorded police traffic which was fed to your computer or laptop from the dedicated scanner. Have you ever been driving home and seen a police car in front of your neighborh's house? I did. To this very day I still wonder what happened. I missed the radio traffic so I will never know. If only I had this software back then. I could have replayed the traffic to see what the dispatch call said. Wouldnt it be great to replay the last few minutes of traffic and see what the call was about anytime, easily, and quickly? Yes, I am an avid scanner listener and I am always wondering what just happened when my attention is not focused or when I enter a room and hear something happening. See what happened during the night while you slept by replaying the night traffic. This software can be used by public service agencies and security companies.

Police dispatch: if you are talking on the radio when another call comes in on the highway patrol frequency, you can now replay that call so you dont miss important information that may affect your department. No expensive equipment, just use an old computer or laptop.

This software is for scanner enthusiasts, law enforcement, fire departments, security companies, taxi companies, amateur radio, anyone who listens to radio traffic. This is the best scanner tool I have ever used. I say that because I designed it to meet my needs as a scanner listener. I picked every feature and designed this software to be easy to use, reliable, and to do what I needed, record and playback radio traffic. You may use a scanner programmer once a year, but this is software you will use several times a day, every day. It will completely change how you listen to a scanner. Plus it is an excuse to drag that old laptop computer out of the closet and get some use out of it. This software will work on older computers of 300mhz or more, as long as it runs windows XP or later and has a Line-In audio port. You cannot afford to miss important scanner or 2-way radio traffic. Use this software to replay it immediately and never miss anything. Available for immediate download after payment.



Radio Traffic Scanner - This is a must have tool for every scanner listener. Never miss important radio traffic again. Log all traffic for replay anytime, instantly replay the last 15, 30, or 60 seconds, archive dispatch traffic.

$29.95 19.95 SALE PRICE

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